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A Simple Tweak which will increase your Processor Speed.

Make sure you Log on as Administrator, not as a user with Administrator privileges.

Follow the steps as given below-

  • Create New Text Document ( Right Click And Take A New Text Document )
  • Type mystring=(80000000) Into The Text Document


  • Now Click On File And Click On “Save As “
  • Now Type File Name =”Ram.vbs”


  • Now Click On Save And Save The Document On Desktop And Where You Want .
  • Document Look Like This Pic : vbb   Now Double Click On That Document , That’s It

Note : This Process Is Based On Ram Memory . When We Work On Computer , Some Times Later Ram Is Overload

And This Document Clean The Ram Memory , And Increase Your Processor Speed .


A Simple Tweak (XP Pro only) which will increase your Broadband Speed.

Make sure you Log on as Administrator, not as a user with Administrator privileges.

Follow the steps as given below-

  • Click on Start Button.
  • Select Run From Start Menu.

Run File

  • Type gpedit.msc


  •  Expand the [Administrative Templates] branch.
  •  Then Expand the [Network] branch.
  •  Highlight(Select by Single Click) [QoS Packet Scheduler]
  •  Double-click [Limit Reservable Bandwidth] (Available in Right Side Panel)

Administrator Privileged

  •  Check(Select By Single Click on it) [Enabled]
  •  Change [Bandwidth limit %] to 0 %
  •  Click [OK] Button.

Enable Present

  •  Restart Your PC.
  •  Now Check Your Broadband Speed.

What Is Hacking

Computer hacking is when someone modifies computer hardware or software in a way that alters the creator’s original intent. People who hack computers are known as hackers. Hackers are usually real technology buffs who enjoy learning all they can about computers and how they work. Hackers think that what they do is like an art form. They usually have expert-level skills in one specific program. For most hackers, hacking gives them the opportunity to use their problem-solving skills and a chance to show off their abilities. Most of them do not wish to harm others.